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Project Born is a rap group out of Flint,Michigan.

Members : Frank Nitty - PintCapone - Polk D

Forming back in 1989, The group released its first single titled "Losin It" in 1993 that featured Esham. The following year signed with Psychopathic Records and released the underground classic Ep " Born Dead" in Feb. Of 1995.

After parting ways with Psychopathic the group went on to release the new album "Crap or Natural " in the summer of 96.

The group has been on 5 national tours totaling over 200 shows for their career. Considered as one of the hardest working groups in the game the boys is always out on the road interacting with the fans directly to push new releases. 

To date Project Born has released 11 projects and has a new book titled " FOREVER IN THE JECTS " about the life and career of the group slated to be released in the summer of 2021.

Following the books release the group will release a new self titled album.

Project Born has a 27 year career that doesn't seem to stop and the group just keeps on getting better . The future looks brighter for Project Born!

Much Project Love,



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