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Project Born was formed in 1989 in the River Park projects in Flint,Michigan with two members Alfonzo "Frank Nitty" Polk & Marshall "Pintcapone" Howell​​.  The group performed many local talent shows and neighborhood parties up until the first single "Losin It" was released in 1992. In 1994 the group added another member Chris " Lil Polk" Polk and then in late 1994 signed to Psychopathic Records as the second act on the label behind ICP The Insane Clown Posse.In Early 1995 the group released its first release The Born Dead ep on Psychopathic Records. In late 1995 the group and label decided to part ways mutually and Project Born went on to release the CRAP or Natural album in mid 96. Following,  Project Born has released 7 albums to date with the latest being The Born Supremacy released in Nov.2015. The group has a highly anticipaterd CD titled BORN DEAD 3 to be released May.26th 2019.

Project Born has done 5 national tours, worked with numerous big name artist such as ICP, Esham,Bizarre,Bootleg,Hoodu,Tha Jokaz,Scum,Project Cobe,B-Cide,Lil Cheese,Bay Jones,Lil Spade,Nuttin Nyce,Kendrick Notsa,Elleon​​,Lil Stone, Lil Gutta,OS7,Supah Smash Bros, The Unknown Factor​​, Lyte, G-Beanz, Gozza, Goobie Black, Bella and many more. For 20 + years Project Born has been a force in the rap game and they don't plan on slowing down. 


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